Delivery Options

We deliver propane to you by the two methods shown below.  Use the toggle button to select your method.

Auto Fill

Will Call

We deliver propane to you when we believe that delivery is appropriate.


The features of Auto-Fill include:


    • Auto-Fill Prices are Lower: Eligible Auto-Fill customers pay $0.10/gallon less than Will-Call customers.


    • Tank Monitor: We use monitors to track your tank's propane level. You can use our smartphone app or online access to track it too. If we can't get a monitor to work we will use an alternative method to track your tank's level.


    • No Small Delivery Surcharges. If we make a delivery for less than the 250 gallon minimum you will not be assessed small delivery surcharges that Will-Call customers are subject to.


    • No Run-Out Guarantee. We will credit your account $50 if you run out of gas, and you will not be subject to Special Delivery Charges. However, it is important that you also keep an eye on your tank's level because we make no representation that we will inspect your tank on a specific schedule. We also are not responsible for any other damages.



Auto-Fill is available to:


    • Pay-at-Delivery Customers. We charge your payment method on file the first business day following delivery. Requires approved credit.


    • Pay-at-Order Customers. We pre-authorize or charge your card on file at the time a delivery ticket is generated by using either the credit card or debit card on file. eChecks are not accepted.


    • Level-Pay Customers. Level-Pay Customers are automatically enrolled in both Auto-Fill and Auto-Pay, which means they save $0.20/gallon compared to Will-Call call-in or walk-in orders!


The Auto-Fill delivery option is described more fully in our Standard Terms and Conditions. Click the link under "Important Documents" below if you want to review our Standard Terms and Conditions.

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