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Imagine the astonishment of our grandfather, witnessing modern auto-fill deliveries controlled by tank monitors, replacing the old-fashioned 3 x 5 index cards and degree days from newspapers! We think he would have been proud of this progress.

Our parents' high expectations, continuous encouragement, and persistent demand for excellence are why we are wired to be better. We think it explains achievements like our industry-leading low run-out rates.

Long-established leadership principles such as self-reflection, balance, perspective, heartfelt self-confidence, and humility, aren't merely boardroom or business publication jargon. These principles, rooted deeply within us by our family, propel us to be better every day.

Our family is the cornerstone that shapes our mindset.

About our start in the family business

We treasure this charming 1930s photograph of our dapper grandfather, Richard Varner. We remember when his brother, Robert, creatively repurposed an old blacksmith shop in Pittsford, Michigan into a gas station. Joining Robert in 1940, our grandparents assumed control of the business by 1947. Later, they expanded to offer home heating fuel.

Among our cherished recollections of the vintage gas station, the endless supply of peanuts, candy bars, and soda pop stands out. These treats were always at hand during our visits to Grandpa's, especially when we slipped in unnoticed by our parents or grandma!

About Us
About Us

We expand into home heating

Back in the 1950s, our business had a big focus on heating homes, despite not having a bulk plant. The pictured moment showcases Richard Varner diligently filling a bulk delivery truck at a retail service pump - a time-consuming task.

During that era, we used a straightforward approach for route planning. We would store customer details on 3x5 filing cards and schedule deliveries primarily through a calendar system. Today, we're leveraging state-of-the-art software, tank monitors, and computer tablets on delivery trucks to plan routes efficiently.

Family and business expansion

Richard and Dorothy's children, including three of our aunts and their spouses, carved a niche in the retail gas station industry. They owned gas stations, offering repair and tire services. Even today, a cousin successfully operates grandpa's original gas station.

Following this legacy, our parents embraced the tradition. This photo from the early '60s features Jim and Dolores Caywood. Perhaps they were preparing for Hudson Gas & Tire's grand opening.

Maybe they also were thinking about a different future. Their first of three sons, Chris Caywood, was on his way later that same year. Today, he serves as a co-owner and the president of Caywood Propane.

About Us

We learn the ropes

Hudson Gas & Tire significantly contributed to our family business during the 1960s and 1970s. This establishment also offered valuable training for Chris and Mike Caywood, now co-owners of Caywood Propane.

We would dash to customer vehicles, providing comprehensive service including oil and tire checks. We also cleaned windshields and windows for purchases exceeding $2. Despite the emergence of self-service during the 1970s, loyal customers like Bill Thompson, the long-time Thompson Savings Bank president, insisted on a full-service option that no longer was available. We gladly met this request every time.

Our diversification and growth

During the 1980s, Jim and Dolores broadened their business, incorporating propane, home heating oil, convenience stores, and transportation supplies.

In the early 1980s, they introduced the "bobtail," a compact propane delivery truck, which is quite small compared to today's models. Our present-day bobtails come with digital meters, and tablets synced with our customer software. These updates not only cut costs but also enable us to pass savings onto our customers. Also pictured is a bulk petroleum delivery truck.

About Us
About Us Thank You

Transition and focus

Running a family business demands dedication, but we loved to take time out and blow off some steam with a game of football. As time rolled on, a series of injuries finally brought an end to the games. But the biggest blow being the loss of our father in 1997.

The photograph captures, from left to right, Jim Caywood, Mike Caywood (co-owner), Chris Caywood (co-owner), and Mitch Caywood.

Shifting the business to the third-generation infused fresh energy and direction. Since 1997, we added tank leasing and service, phased out home fuel oil heating and bulk petroleum transport distribution, and broadened our geographic reach reach by adding our Albion and Coldwater Plants to complement our Hudson Plant.

Discover the peace of mind that comes from combining our modern technology tools and old fashioned customer service. Enjoy effortlessly tracking your propane tank levels with our user-friendly website or smartphone app. Place orders, make payments, view your account history, and leverage other convenient features with ease.

Since 1939, Caywood Propane Gas Inc. meets customer needs with reliable, transparent, and value-priced services. Join us now and experience the Caywood difference!

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