How to Place an Order with Our App

How to place an order with our smartphone app? It's a breeze with these simple steps. Just open your app and follow along using the screenshots and bullet points below.

Prefer a visual guide? Check out our "How to Order Propane Using Our Smartphone App" video by clicking the button below!

Step One: Login to the Caywood Propane app on your smartphone

1 Login

Here's how to use the Caywood Propane App:

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Tap [Login].

If you haven't set up your account yet:

  • Tap [Sign Up Instead] and follow the prompts. You'll need your name, email, and customer number. Don't worry if you don't have your customer number handy; just reach out to us at or call 800-822-8592.

Not a customer yet? No problem!

Step Two: Select the [Order Fuel] button

2 Select order fuel

To order fuel, just tap the [Order Fuel] button.

Curious about other features like [Account Information], [Delivery Status], [Make A Payment], and [My Profile]? Watch our YouTube video "Getting the Most Out of Our Smartphone App"!

Step Three: Choose Location

3 Choose location

After tapping the [Order Fuel] button, you'll need to pick a delivery location.

Usually, customers have just one location.

If you have more than one:

  • Scroll through the list of locations shown at the bottom of your phone screen.
  • Tap the highlighted location where you want the delivery.
  • Double-check that it matches where you want the delivery to go.

Not sure about the delivery location? Reach out to us at or call 800-822-8592.

Step Four: Select Tank Level

4 Select Tank Level

After choosing your location, you'll be asked to select your tank level.

Here's some helpful info:

  • We recommend ordering when your tank is between 30-35% full.
  • Plan ahead! Will-Call orders are delivered within ten business days, so make sure you have at least that much propane left.
  • Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons. Orders under 250 gallons might have an extra charge.
  • To meet the minimum, your tank should be at 60% or less for a 500-gallon tank (70% for a 1,000-gallon tank).
  • Check our Current Prices page on our website for pricing info.

Not sure how much propane you'll need or worried about running out? Reach out to us at or call 800-822-8592. We can help you plan ahead or schedule a special delivery to make sure you're covered!

Step Five: Enter Gallons (or Dollars) and Discount Promo Code

5 Gallons and promo code

Choose whether you want to order by gallons or dollars (the illustration shows an order based on gallons).

Here's what you need to know about minimum delivery and prices:

  • Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons.
  • Orders under 250 gallons might have an extra charge, depending on the time of year and supply conditions.

To meet the minimum, your tank should be at 60% or less for a 500-gallon tank (70% for a 1,000-gallon tank).

For current prices and any surcharges, check out our Current Prices page on our website.

Don't forget to type "WEB" in the promo code to get your digital order discount. Your order won't show the discount until you type in the code. It works in any combination of lower, upper, or mixed case (e.g., WEB, web, Web, WEb, wEb, weB, or wEB).

After typing in the promo code, click the [Apply Code] button.

Step Six: Add Delivery Instructions or Special Notes

6 Delivery Instructions


  • Feel free to add any special delivery notes.

    Please remember, special notes and instructions need to align with our Standard Terms and Conditions. For instance, requesting a rush delivery because of low tank levels won't change our ten business day delivery window. Similarly, noting a tank level at 5% won't affect the delivery window or correct a 20% minimum tank level entry.

    If you're worried about running out of propane during the ten business day delivery window (up to 14 calendar days), it's important to contact our office at 800-822-8592 or email us at to arrange a special delivery.

Step Seven: Enter Phone Number

7 Phone Number

Please enter the phone number we should use if we have any questions about your order.

Just a heads-up: If you enter a different number than the one on your account, it won't update your records. We might still try to reach you at the number you have on file.

If the number you're entering is different, we suggest mentioning it in the comments box for your order (see Step Six above). After your order, you can change your phone number by tapping the [My Profile] button and scrolling down to the change phone number option. Or, you can contact us at or call us at 800-822-8592.

Tap [Continue Order] once you've added any special instructions and entered your phone number.

Step Eight: Review Fuel Payment Summary

8 Order Fuel Payment Summary

Double-check your order details, including the delivery location and order summary, to ensure the amount you're ordering (in gallons or dollars) is correct.

If you don't see the WEB discount specified, just scroll back in your order by selecting "Order Fuel" to go back in the menu. Then, enter "WEB" in the promo code field as explained in Step Five above. Sometimes scrolling back may close the app, but don't worry, just reopen it and start again from step one.

Please note that on your phone, you may need to scroll down to see the dollar totals in the order summary.

Step Nine: Confirm Fuel Order

10 Confirm Fuel Order

After reviewing your delivery order details, make sure to select the "Have you reviewed and verified that all payment information is correct?" button until it turns green, just like in the screenshot on the left.

Also, check that the email address listed is your current one. If it's not, enter the correct email address. After your order is submitted and complete, you can update your email address by tapping the [My Profile] button or by reaching out to us at or calling 800-822-8592.

Step Ten: Agree to Online Payment Policy

11 Online Payment Policy

After you've checked and confirmed your order, ensuring all payment details are accurate (see Step Nine above), it's time to agree to the online payment policy.

Simply click the hyperlink for the online payment policy and give it a read. This policy includes important terms and links to our full Standard Terms and Conditions.

Understanding both the Standard Terms and Conditions and the Online Payment Policy is crucial. Selecting the button agreeing to the online payment policy is like signing a signature by hand under electronic signature laws.

Once you've reviewed both, tap the [Back to Payment] button, then select "I agree to the online payment policy."

Step Eleven: Process Fuel Order

12 Both Buttons Selected

Once you've checked and confirmed your order details, ensuring all payment info is correct (see Step Nine above), and agreed to the online payment policy (see Step Ten above), you're all set to process your order.

To proceed, simply tap the [Process Fuel Order] button.

Remember, both buttons to the left of "Have you reviewed and verified that all the payment information is correct?" and "I agree to the online payment policy" need to be highlighted in green to process your order.

Once you've completed the verification, agreed to the online payment policy, and tapped the [Process Fuel Order] button, your order will be processed.

Step Twelve: Order Confirmation

13 Order Created


You'll get a confirmation once your fuel order is successfully created (check out the screenshot to the left).

We'll process your order and schedule delivery according to our Standard Terms and Conditions. If there's any issue, we'll reach out to you.

New to digital orders? No worries! We're happy to provide verification of your order. Just reach out to us at 800-822-8592 or

Will-call digital orders are a convenient and money-saving option compared to ordering by phone or in person.

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