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Four Easy Payment Options

We have four easy payment options. All Payment Options may be modified or terminated at any time by us without prior notice and are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Cash in Advance

Cash in Advance currently is offered as part of our Pre-Buy Program.  Click here for more information about our Pre-Buy Program.

2. Cash Before Delivery

Cash Before Delivery is the only payment option available to you unless you have received credit approval from us or participate in our Pre-Buy Program. We accept cash, credit cards or certified checks or money orders as part of Cash Before Delivery. Payments made by mail must be mailed to us at least 7 days before your scheduled propane delivery, or hand delivered to our office at least 3 business days prior to delivery.  Payments made by eCheck are permitted but discouraged because payment must be made at least 10 business days prior to delivery. Credit card and debitcard payments must be processed at least 1 business day prior to delivery. We are unable to schedule a Cash Before Delivery load unless your payment has been received and cleared in advance.

3. Statement Billing

Statement Billing is available if you receive credit approval from us. If you are approved for Statement Billing, an invoice will be left at your home or place of business at the time of delivery. We must receive payment from you within 15 calendar days of delivery unless you participate in the Price-Cap Pricing Program. Late payments are subject to additional charges. Payments made within ten calendar days of the date of delivery may be eligible for a price discount unless you use a debit or credit card to make the payment. The price discount is made entirely in our discretion and may be discontinued at any time.

4. Budget Billing

Budget Billing is not available unless you apply for and receive approval from us for credit. If you are approved for Budget Billing, we will bill you the same dollar amount each month based on the estimated gallons of propane that you will use and the estimated price per gallon. We will periodically review your account and compare your estimated and actual dollar amount of propane usage. You are responsible for paying the actual dollar amount of propane delivered to you. We periodically will adjust your statements based on new estimated volumes and prices. All non-propane charges also will be billed to you on your monthly statement, in addition to the monthly amount you are billed for propane, and will be due and payable on the due date shown on the statement.

Budget Billing is not a form of credit, so deliveries will be limited to the amount of credit available on your account.  In addition, it is important that you make your payments on time.  Failure to timely remit budget payments will results in your removal from the budget program.  Of course, any credit you may have on your account still is available to you to pay for deliveries.

Credit Card and eCheck Authorization

Unless you are under a Cash in Advance or Cash Before Delivery payment option that is not subject to credit approval, we may require you to provide us with American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover credit card information, or your checking account number and bank’s ABA routing number. We may use your credit card, debit card or eCheck as a guarantee of payment if any amounts due from you to us become past due for a period of 60 days or more, or sooner if we determine that prompt payment may not be made.

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