How Our Prices Work

Our price structure is simple and based on:

  • When you pay for your propane. Our prices assume that customers pay for their propane no later than the first business day following delivery. Legacy Credit Billing (Net-30) customers who charge purchases to our house account pay $0.10/gallon more. Putting a debit or credit card on file and electing Auto-Pay is an easy way to save $0.10/gallon.
  • Your delivery method. Auto-fill customers pay $0.10/gallon less than Will-Call customers. If you are a Will-Call customer because you can't be surprised by a large propane delivery, our Level-Pay Plan is for you. Level-Pay customers make monthly installments based on their usage and are able to avoid big billing surprises even though they are on auto-fill with our no run-out guarantee. Click here for more information.
  • How you order the propane. Our Will-Call price assumes that customers order their propane online or with our smartphone app. Will-Call customers who place their orders in person or on the phone pay $0.05/gallon more. We would be glad to help you setup online access, or learn how to download install and use our smartphone app. We also have How-To videos on both YouTube and this website that include step-by-step instructions.

Our price philosophy is simple: We are committed to value-pricing.

What is Value-Pricing?

  • It's NOT first-fill specials. These are gimmicks to get you in the door. And once you're in the door, remind yourself that others coming in the door after you are getting a better, first-fill price. So much for rewarding loyalty!
  • It's NOT added fees. We charge gas plus sales tax. We do not add delivery fees, fuel surcharge fees, Hazmat fees or other cleverly named fees. We have seen propane bills that look like electric and cell phone bills with fees as high as $25 to $30 per delivery, which amounts to an additional $0.10/gallon to $0.12/gallon. And to be clear, no matter how official these fees are, they are not, like a sales tax, required by law.
  • It's NOT the lowest price. Low price providers are taking short cuts that put your price or supply security at risk. Short cuts include: (1) inadequate storage, (2) spot price wholesale purchasing, (3) failing to insure (called a hedge on Wall Street) price protection plans.

At Caywood Propane we have invested in additional storage, contracted 100% of our anticipated winter needs using only reputable wholesalers and insured (hedged for you Wall Street types) our price protection plans. And we have done all of this while maintaining prices that are below the Michigan average price.

Price and Supply security at a value-price. It's the Caywood difference.

Watch this short video and hear it in our own words:

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