We are pleased to present these e-Learning Safety Modules.  We suggest that every customer work their way through the “Propane Basics,” “Propane Events,” “Propane Appliances,” “Winter Storm Preparedness” and “Spring/Summer Weather Safety” modules.

We are convinced that most accidents are preventable.  For your safety and the safety of your loved ones and friends we urge you to work your way through these modules.

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Propane Basics:


Icon - How Propane Gets to Your HomeWhat is Propane?Can You Smell It?What to Do if You Smell GasIcon - Carbon Monoxide Safety

Propane Events:

Incon - Running Out of GasPower Outages


Propane Appliances:


Maintaining Your Propane AppliancesIcon - Lighting Pilot LightsUsing Space Heaters SafelySafe GrillingIcon - Propane Recreational VehiclesIcon - Small Cylinder Transportation

Weather and Natural Disasters:


Icon - Propane Safety High SnowfallIcon - Earthquake PreparednessWinter Storm PreparednessSpring:Summer Weather SafetyIcon - Flood PreparednessIcon - Hurricane PreparednessIcon - Wildfire Preparedness

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