You share responsibility for customer safetyCustomer Safety matters.

Human error is the primary factor contributing to any kind of propane accident, however serious in nature.  Sadly, most of the human error we see in the serious propane accidents we read about involves a customer’s human error.  For that reason, we strongly urge you and your family or anyone else who lives in (or frequently visits) your home to become familiar with the safe storage, handling and use of propane.

We believe that customer safety should include the eLearning Safety Modules available on this website.  In fact, we believe it so strongly that we will take $20 off your next delivery if you complete the “Propane Basics,” “Propane Events,” “Propane Appliances,” “Winter Storm Preparedness,” and “Spring/Summer Weather Safety” eLearning Safety Modules on this website and fill out the completion certificate at the end of each of these modules.

We also recommend a number of additional customer safety resources, including the following publications from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), a group created by Congress in 1996 to promote the safe and efficient use of propane:

Winter Storms

Keeping Your Family Safe – Power Outages

Keeping Your Family Safe – Thunderstorms

Keeping Your Family Safe – Tornadoes

If you want to learn even more, another useful online resource is

If children live in or visit your home, we also strongly recommend that the children become familiar with the safe use of propane. is a fun, inter-active website that will help you teach your children or children who frequently visit your home about the safe use of propane.


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