Website - Albion No PhraseSafety.

It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot.  The word “safe” gets a lot of air time too.  Competitors also often say they provide “friendly” service.  One of our nationwide, publicly-traded competitors even claims to retain “focus and attention on friendliness found only in a ‘corner store.'”  Seriously?

No competitor claims to provide unfriendly service (though many do, in fact, provide unfriendly service).  We recently (August 2016) reviewed more twenty websites and similarly found that none of the websites claim to provide unsafe service.  Here’s what we also found:

– 40% provide no safety information at all

– 35% provided very limited information (e.g., short list of tips)

– 10% provided limited information plus links

– 15% provided extensive links, training modules or both (like us)

The bottom line is that only 15% of propane retailers do more than just talk about safety on their websites — if they talk about it at all.  So, while it shouldn’t be, our focus on safety is a big part of the Caywood Propane Gas, Inc. difference.  With that in mind, we want you to focus with us on two important elements of safety: (1) what we are doing about safety and (2) what you can do about safety.

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