COVID-19 UPDATE: We’re Open for Business!

We proudly have served the energy needs of our customers for over 80 years. We will continue to serve our customers energy needs as a critical infrastructure provider while our nation takes extraordinary measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this mean for you?

Most customers will find that their relationship with us remains "business as usual." For example:

  • Auto-Fill + Auto-Pay customers will continue to receive propane delieveries from us when they need it and receive the $0.08/g discount from our everyday low price.
  • Will-Call customers who place orders on line, with our smartphone app and over the phone will continue to receive their deliveries within ten business days of their order being placed.

So, what's changed?

  • Please read on and watch our video If you:

    • Do business with us in person at our Albion or Hudson Offices, including cash payments;
    • Run out of propane and require a leak test; or
    • Are a new customer and about to run out of propane with your current provider.


    • Call first: We strongly urge you to call us before leaving your home to make sure that we will be able to admit you.
    • If you pay us in cash: If you typically pay us in cash at our offices you strongly are urged to pay us over the phone using a debit or credit card, or to obtain and mail a postal money order or bank cashier's check in lieu of stopping by our office. If these steps are too burdensome or you are unable to take these steps, please call and make arrangements to stop by with your cash payment.
    • Stay away if you don't feel well. It almost goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway!), that you should stay in your home and not stop by our offices if you or anyone you have been in contact with, even at a social distance of six feet or more, is suspected to have, or has been confirmed to have COVID-19.


    • Our Doors are Locked.
    • Only one customer admitted at a time.
    • You must remain in the spaces marked
    • You must maintain at least six feet of social distance from our employees.
    • Our restrooms are closed.
    • You must follow employee instructions.
    • Employees will wear gloves and may wear additional protective equipment.


    • You and those present must be healthy. We will not enter your home if you or anyone you have been in contact with, even at a social distance of six feet or more, is suspected to have, or has been confirmed to have COVID-19.
    • Our service technician will be wearing gloves. Our service technicians also will maintain at least six feet of social distance from all persons present at your home.
    • Tablets will be wiped down. Our service technician will wipe down their tablets both before and after you sign any required digital documentation. Our service technician will place the tablet on a surface and step at least six feet away from it before you are invited to approach and sign the digital document.


    • Stay in your home. You and all persons present at your property must remain in your home. Our drivers are not permitted to accept payments of any kind at this time. If you normally hand the driver a check, you must call our office to make payment, make payment electronically using our website or a smartphone app, or mail us a check.

We know that these extraordinary steps are inconvenient and maybe even uncomfortable, but we share the concern that our national and state leaders have for your safety, the safety of our employees and the safety of our neighbors. If all of us as ordinary citizens take these basic steps, extraordinary things can happen and we can put this pandemic behind us. We urge you to obtain and follow and CDC and government-recommended guidelines. Finally, we urge you to join us in thanking our first responders for their heroic service.

Thank you for your business and stay safe!

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