8 S. Monroe Street, Coldwater

Rendering of Monroe Street Entrance
Rendering of Monroe Street Entrance

Exciting Retail Opportunity

  • Located in the heart of Coldwater's Downtown Historic District

  • Monroe Street and Tibbits Plaza Access

  • 1,500+ Square feet of interior space

  • Ideal for coffee, ice cream or sandwich shop, book or antique store, or your entrepreneurial imagination!

  • Completely restored and refurbished

  • Co-Occupancy

  • Available During Q2


We are looking for a retail business to co-occupy prime retail space at 8 S. Monroe Street in the heart of Coldwater’s Downtown Historic District. The building features entrances on both Monroe Street and the Tibbits Plaza parking lot. Imagine the summer foot traffic on Thursdays during Hops on Monroe when Monroe Street is open only to pedestrian traffic, or the Tibbits Plaza activity during one of the many Tibbits Summer Theatre shows.

The more than 1,500 square feet of space includes two gas burning fireplaces and plenty of open space for your business. Ideal for a coffee, ice cream, or sandwich shop, bookstore, antiques, or a business you come up with using your entrepreneurial imagination.

The completely restored and refurbished building will be ready for your business as early as May – just in time for downtown Coldwater’s summer activities.

Rendering of Tibbits Plaza patio.
Rendering of Tibbits Plaza patio.

What is Co-Occupancy?

The 8 S. Monroe retail space is a first-of-its kind shared retail space in Coldwater's downtown historic district. The 1,540.5 square foot consists of open interior space on both the west and east entrances to the building that face Monroe Street and the large open parking lot and space that are shared with Tibbits Plaza, which faces the historic Tibbits Opera House. The middle portion of the space contains office space and a bathroom.

The open space will offer relaxed, open seating for customers and visitors and complementary WiFi service to help them linger. The concept is inspired, in part, by the Capital One Cafes that have opened in larger urban centers across the country. These shared locations feature Peet's Coffee operations and Capital One Banks in shared retail space and have been highly successful.

The co-occupied open space at 8 S. Monroe will showcase Caywood Propane's propane-powered fireplaces surrounded by comfortable seating, displays, or other placements that showcase your business's products and services. It also is anticipated that the open space will include a few kiosks or terminals that provide visitors with access to Caywood Propane information. If the space is shared with a coffee/sandwich shop, visitors may linger over a cup of coffee, sandwich or snack while catching up with other visitors or friends as a break from a busy day in downtown Coldwater.

Caywood Propane anticipates that it will occupy the interior office space but otherwise will co-occupy the remaining retail space. Of course, your business also will have its own dedicated space (e.g., counterspace or storage).

One of the most exciting retail opportunities for the building might be summer Thursdays during "Hops on Monroe" when Monroe street bordering the east side of the building is open only to pedestrian traffic. Similar summer opportunities abound on the west side of the building during one of the many Tibbits Summer Theatre shows or summer festivals held in the Tibbits parking lot right next to the 8 S. Monroe outdoor patio. The Tibbits Plaza entrance to 8 S. Monroe also features approximately 290 square feet of outdoor space that may be used for patio seating or other activity.

The Floor Plan

This floor plan represents just one of many potential uses of the retail floor space. We invite you to use your entrepreneurial imagination on the use and deployment of the space.

The space currently is being built out substantially as represented in the floor plan with:

  • Two interior, enclosed spaces. One of the enclosed spaces is a bathroom. The other enclosed space is envisioned to be an office that will be occupied by a Caywood Propane Customer Service Representative.
  • Two gas-powered fireplaces. The floor plan shows a fireplace near the Monroe Street entrance. In fact, this fireplace will be located along the opposite wall. The second fireplace, not depicted in this floor plan, is located on the same wall as the first fireplace, but in the open area near the Tibbits Plaza entrance (the left side of the plan).

The displays depicted in the plan are envisioned to be kiosks or terminals that provide visitors access to information on Caywood Propane's products and services. Depending on the nature of your business, these displays also might include information about your products and services.

With the exception of the fireplace and office locations, there is considerable flexibility on the layout and use of the space.

8 S. Monroe Retail Space Plans
8 S. Monroe Retail Space Plans
Mike and Chris Caywood
Mike and Chris Caywood

How will Caywood Propane use the space?

Caywood Propane plans to use the space to market propane, propane tank leasing, and propane appliance sales and service. With the exception of the gas-powered fireplaces, Caywood Propane does not plan to display its products on the site.

Our Customer Service Representative primarily will limit his or her presence to the interior office, which will consist of office furniture, visitors chairs and related equipment. We anticipate that our Customer Service Representative will limit their sales activity to the office with the exception of assisting customers using the Kiosk/Terminals, or to show them features on one of the two fireplaces.

Our presence will be obvious, but subtle. We want your business to have the strong, dominating presence to attract foot traffic to the building, much in the same way that your business's presence hopes to benefit from the foot traffic generated by neighboring businesses and community and other activities on Monroe Street and Tibbits Plaza. Of course, we also hope that our customers will patronize your business when they stop by to visit us.

Is that a patio on the Tibbits Plaza entrance?

Yes! The Tibbits Plaza entrance to 8 S. Monroe will feature approximately 290 square feet of outdoor space. While a portion of this space will be used for utility equipment, most of the space will be available for outdoor seating.

The rehabilitated 8 S. Monroe will have two large doors (not three doors as depicted in the rendering) that may be opened during appropriate spring, summer and fall weather, further extending the open, interior space. One can only imagine how this space might be deployed during the summer festival season or during Tibbits Theatre performances.

The patio and Tibbits entrance to 8 S. Monroe have a view of the famous opera house.
The patio and Tibbits entrance to 8 S. Monroe have a view of the famous opera house.
Rendering of Tibbits Plaza patio.
Rendering of Tibbits Plaza patio.

What about the rest of the building?

The basement of 8 S. Monroe will be available for storage and, subject to applicable codes and regulations, some of your commercial activity. The second floor will have two, 750 square foot apartments and the third floor will have three 450 square foot apartments. The apartments will be accessed from a stairway entrance separate from the retail space entrance on Monroe Street.

8 S. Monroe Residential Unit Plans
8 S. Monroe Residential Unit Plans
Our Coldwater Plant as seen from I-69. With the exception of our limited retail presence at 8 S. Monroe, our propane operations are based at this plant in southeast Coldwater.
Our Coldwater Plant as seen from I-69. With the exception of our limited retail presence at 8 S. Monroe, our propane operations are based at this plant in southeast Coldwater.

Coldwater and Branch County are great for business

8 S. Monroe Street is located in the middle the Coldwater's Downtown Historic District. Coldwater is the seat of Branch County, and both city and county residents are attracted to the community, commercial, dining and entertainment establishments on the same street and within a two block radius of the building. For example, the two block radius surrounding the building has restaurants, barber shops, banks, postal services, architectural legal and other professional services, bridal shops, groceries, an opera house and arts academy, government services and courthouses and houses of worship.

Caywood Propane has served Branch County since 2015 when it developed a propane plant for its agricultural, commercial and residential propane distribution, tank leasing and maintenance service on S. Michigan Avenue in Coldwater Township. We are developing and rehabilitating 8 S. Monroe with community and state support because investing more in the Coldwater and Branch County communities is both the right thing to do and good for business.


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