It’s time to fill your tank for the Fall!

Summer pricing is here, and if last year’s pricing is any indication, prices are unlikely to fall and probably will go up. Click here to check your price.

Our summer prices as a percent of crude oil prices are much lower than last summer’s prices. If our prices this Winter (specifically January and February) return to the 2017 level compared to oil prices, customers can expect to see prices ranging from:

  • $1.67 to $1.96 if oil prices decline (you can buy a barrel of oil for December today for $74.63)

  • $1.71 to $2.02 if oil prices remain unchanged (you can buy a barrel of oil today for $76.50)

  • $1.79 to $2.10 if oil prices increase to $79.80 (the highest price so far this year)

Of course, these are our prices. The average Michigan retail price last winter was $1.87 (with a peak of $2.07). That would put the average Michigan price over $2.50 this winter if prices return to the 2017 level compared to oil prices.

Another way to think of it: oil prices would have to decline to $48 – $60 per barrel before today’s propane prices would remain unchanged this Winter.

A word of caution: our predictions are our best guess of the future. The fact that we are writing this blog instead of living on a tropical island is testament to our ability to see the future.

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