Why Our Pre-Buy is Better: You Get the Market Price if It’s Lower!

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We’ve got your back on prices!

We’ve checked. Our competitors are charging $1.28/g to $2.17/g for pre-buy – at a fixed price. Many of our other competitors have not even announced their pre-buy prices and are waiting until August when most of us end our pre-buy programs to begin theirs. They do that so they can charge you more!

We are charging $1.38/g or the market price at the time of delivery, if lower! We think we are a great deal no matter what. Here’s why:

  • Our competitors’ prices are “fixed.” So, if a competitor is charging $2.00/g or more for pre-buy (we won’t name names, but competitors with prices at this level rhyme with “Schmerigas”), that’s what you pay, no matter what the market price is. In contrast, we will charge you our market price if it’s lower at the time of delivery. Last year, for example, our customers paid $1.28/g for pre-buy up front but never paid more than $1.21/g all winter. That left them with credit balances that they are applying to this year’s pre-buy or using for market price deliveries (currently as low as $0.78/g for us, compared to Schmerigas $0.88/g first fill and $1.49/g after prices). We’ll bet Schmerigas customers are not getting deals like this.  Do you have credit balance from last winter that is lowering your propane bill this winter?  Probably not unless you are our customer!

  • We are yet to find a competitor who is offering a pre-buy that gives you the lower market price at the time of delivery. If you can find one with better prices and our level of reliability, buy your gas from them. We just don’t believe that such a competitor exists.

  • We do not tack on additional fees. Competitors with names that sound like “Schmerigas,” “Urban,” and “Ferrettgas” are adding delivery fees that make your price per gallon about $0.10/g to $0.20/g higher.

There are many other reasons why you should buy your propane from us:

We recently have expanded our territory, and now cover most of southern Michigan, northern Ohio and northern Indiana.

Switch and Save Now. Caywood Propane Gas, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been reliable, transparent and value-driven for our customers since the 1930s.

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