State of Michigan Announces Time-Sensitive Pre-Buy Assistance Program

The State of Michigan has announced a time-sensitive pre-buy assistance pilot program for qualified individuals and families.  The program is a limited pilot that will be administered through local Community Action Agencies.  It is our understanding that not all Community Action Agencies will be participating in this pilot program.  We strongly urge you to contact your local Community Action Agency today to confirm your eligibility.  Our understanding is that this program will end by August 31, 2016.

We understand that the program highlights are as follows, but again, please contact your local Community Action Agency to confirm the availability of the program, your eligibility for the program, and the terms of the program:

  • Income Requirement:  Limited to individuals and families with incomes at our below 150% of the poverty level, which we understand to be approximately $3,000/month.

  • Current Tank Level: 25% or lower.

  • Benefit Limit: Lesser of $1,200 or 850 gallons, or such other amount as determined by your Community Action Agency.

Our requirements:

If you think you may be eligible, please act today.

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