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Bait makes a lot of sense when you’re fishing because you want to fool the fish to catch it. We don’t use bait in our propane business because we’re not trying to fool our customers, which is a lot more than we can say for our competitors (the “other guys”). The other guys overwhelm their prospective customers (their fish) with bait like “your price capped until 2017” or “special first fill price.” That’s the bait, and it gets switched after the first winter or the first fill – sometimes by as much $0.75/gallon. You can count on it.

We think bait should be left in the fishing boat, so the prices we post on our website (the other guys don’t post prices) are the every day prices we charge all of our customers – not just the new ones. That means our current price of $0.88/gallon for cash pay, customer owned tanks is what all of our customer-owned tanks pay – not just the newbies.  Click here to see our current prices.

And the rent-free, free price-caps for our leased tank customers apply to all of our current customers too, not just the newbies. We won’t name names, but one of the other guys is going to hit their leased tank customers with a $100 annual lease fee, a $50 price cap and sometimes even delivery fees that range from $7 to $50 per delivery. Of course, that’s not published on their website, it’s something they make up as they go along – you know, something you can’t track or know in advance because they don’t have the accountability of a published price. So that means you are looking at $0.15/gallon to $0.25/gallon in hidden fees. Of course, the other guy will be harping about their cash price of $1.15/gallon for a leased tank – the same price as ours except they have hidden fees that make their real price $1.30/gallon to $1.45/gallon. We don’t.

Our advice: don’t go for the bait and get switched. Look at our almost 25 years of price comparison history on our website and our current prices and the savings you realize from a family business that’s been around since 1939. We would invite you to look at the other guys’ price histories for easy comparison but they don’t publish them. Now why do you think they don’t do that?

Hope you are having a great summer!


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