We offer customers a simple value proposition:

  • Reliability: We keep our customers warm and we keep our pre-buy and price-cap commitments.
  • Transparency: We publish our current prices and over 20 years of price history on our website.
  • Value: Our prices are consistently lower, we have no hidden fees and you can lease a tank for only $1/year and get a free price-cap.

Long-time customers will remember that our slogan used to be “Great Service, Great Prices.” So what happened? Did we stop providing great service at great prices? Of course not. But what we discovered is that just about everybody promises great service and great prices. In fact, we bet you can’t find a propane company that promises poor service and high prices. We’ve been looking pretty hard and have not found one that makes those promises yet (yeah, we know some of our cynical readers are thinking that there may be a few suppliers that deliver poor service and high prices, even if they don’t promise it or market it).

Once we figured out that we did not stand out in the crowd by promising the same thing everybody else promised, we started talking about the three qualities that most others can’t promise (we’ve been looking pretty hard and can’t find many competitors who can deliver the Full Monte of reliability, transparency and value).

Website Carrie

Of course, great service is more than a slogan to us. We work hard to provide it. And we have a great team of drivers, maintainance and customer service staff to make sure that you receive it. Of course, we think great service starts in the front office with Carrie Town, our general manager. Carrie joined us as our general manager in 2010 and has become a part of the fabric of who and what we are, and we know that many of you have gotten to know Carrie well. That’s why we think it’s important to let you know that Carrie is adjusting her role and changing her focus both here and at home.

We are pleased to share more broadly what many of you already know: Carrie will be taking a maternity leave beginning November 1 to spend more time with 16-year old son William and a new baby expected to arrive later in November. Carrie will return from maternity leave some time after the first of the year.


Web - Office Team 11-24-2014
We also are pleased to announce what many of you also already know: the addition of three talented individuals to our customer service team. Kelly Gibbons, Wendy Williams and Amanda Wolhgamuth have joined Amanda Sinks on our customer service team to make sure that you get the great service that you should expect from your propane provider. We urge you to read more about Kelly, Wendy and Amanda’s backgrounds on our website. We are glad that we can count on them to work with our drivers, Mike Cook and Mark Mapes, and our service and safety technician, Derek Decatur, to reliably serve your needs this winter and into the future. We hope you will take some time to read more about our terrific team on our website.

We also have made a number of additional changes to improve our service. Among other things, we have:

  • Installed a new software system (including electronic meters and tablets for the bobtails) to improve our efficiency, free up more time to spend with you, and eventually enable web-based customer self-service features.
  • Installed additional telephone lines and equipment to reduce hold times and voicemail messaging.
  • Increased our storage capacity to further improve our supply security.
    Changed our wholesale supply network to create additional supply terminals with better storage capacity.
  • Purchased additional bobtails for delivery mid-winter that, together with the planned addition of a new driver/technician, will improve delivery security.
  • Included a complementary participation in our price-cap program for all leased tank customers.

We delivered for you last winter and, as you can see, have taken a number of steps to make sure that we deliver the reliability, transparency and value that you’ve come to expect from Caywood Propane Gas, Inc. and, we believe, can’t really find anywhere else.

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