Local weather forecasts are predicting more severe weather — a perfect storm combination of snowfall, high winds and extremely cold temperatures. (Why this combination is referred to as a “perfect storm” is beyond our comprehension – a more perfect storm, it seems to us, is the threat of a slight breeze at a tropical beach blowing sand into one’s cool beverage unless an umbrella toothpick is added to the glass to protect it). Until our version of the perfect storm comes along, please note the following important safety information:

Please keep driveway and pathway to tank clear. We want to thank our customers in advance for making sure that their driveways are clear with a clear pathway between the tank and the driveway. We know the challenges of keeping the driveway and pathway to the tank clear – especially when it continues to snow and blow. We also have a great deal of sympathy for customers whose age or health make snow clearing even more of a challenge, if not an outright hardship. Despite these challenges and hardships it is imperative for your safety, and our driver’s safety, that you keep the driveway and pathway clear. It’s also imperative for the safety of other customers because an injury to one of our drivers or damage to one of our delivery trucks may significantly delay our ability to supply them with propane. For the safety of all concerned, we have instructed our drivers to refrain from making a delivery to a location if, in their judgment, attempting the delivery would create a safety hazard for the customer, the driver or the delivery truck. We sincerely hope that our drivers will not have to make that judgment.

Keep an eye on travel advisories and weather conditions. Please listen to local radio stations or visit local government or newspapers websites to keep abreast of weather conditions that seem to change by the hour. Please follow travel advisories for your area.

Brush up on Winter Safety. We also would like to remind you to please review the safety information available on our website, especially the safety information that relates to snow and winter storms, by clicking any one of the following links:

– Safety Information for High Snowfalls

– Safety Information for Winter Storms

We also highly recommend this brief, interactive eLearning module:

Winter Storm Preparedness
We are keenly aware that the the current weather, supply and pricing conditions can try one’s patience. We are grateful for your patience and your efforts to make sure that propane may be safely delivered to you. We also are grateful for our drivers for their long, hard days in severe weather conditions and the cheerful way that they have gone about it.

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